Coaches, to register for this event please click on the picture to take you to the registration site.


Coaches, to register for this event please click on the picture to take you to the registration site.

College Coaches/Recruiters Information

Welcome to the Heartland Showcase.  We have some new things in store this year to make your recruiting experience better.

Friday June 1st- Kicks off the Heartland Spot Light Games.   

Games only for Juniors and Seniors

If you are interested in being one of the coaches coaching a team, and to participate in the question answer section of this clinic.  Please contact:


About the Games


  • To pin point uncommitted juniors and seniors.
  • To get them in front of college programs still needing seniors and juniors to fill their rosters.
  • To provide the students an opportunity to ask coaches questions about the recruiting process, and their program in a clinic format. 

 Benefits for the College Coach:

  • All games are live streamed and recorded for searchable footage, broken down by positions or name of player.
  • Game Changer stats included in the video footage.
  • The ability to answer questions from clinic participants.
  • Lunch and snacks provided
  • Detail list of all participants in clinic with their profiles.
  • Monetary reimbursement for your time.

 Duties for the College Coach:

  • To instruct and coach the spot light games.
  • participate in the luncheon with the athletes.

Quick Itinerary:

Games are at 9:00am and 11:00am. 

Luncheon is at 1:00pm 

Showcase and Qualifier Games Begin in the evening. 


Player Profiles

It is important that EVERY team submits a one page player profile sheet for their team.  One of the complaints from College Coaches is that they have to sometimes hunt for profiles when teams do not take the time and submit them to the event.

We have a great template in which you just have to fill out the information.

Instructions for filling out online Player Profiles.

  1. Please Log into
  2. Team Home Page
  3.  Make sure you give either the Parents E-mail or Players e-mail in the correct field.   If any of the information is repetitive we will NOT include profiles in the program.   You also need to include all players even the committed ones.  Reason to include the committed ones is so Coaches can see they are committed and move on to their next player.
  4. Add Another Player
  5. Information will be saved after you complete all of your players information.


Information for Parents

2018 Spot Light Games
Spot Light Games are designed to give Uncommitted Seniors and Juniors extra reps which will showcase their talent in game situations. Each Spot Light game will be live streamed and recorded. Upon completion of all the Spot Light Games, each participating player will be tagged and then searchable within the video footage.

Each Athlete will receive a full page profile (including a picture you provide) which will be added to the recruiting books and given to each college coach attending the Heartland Showcase and Gold Qualifiers. This is a special section dedicated just to those participating in the Spot Light Games..

Also, a complete list of the participating athletes will be listed in the front of the book with their respective team’s information. With this information, the college coaches can follow the player throughout the tournament & with the video they can review the player at a later date as well.
Following the games, players will be invited to attend lunch at the park while having an informal question and answer session.
Spots are limited – advance registration will be required.

About the games
Each Team will be made up of 10 Players coached by a College Coach or College representative.

Games will be 90 minutes long

Each Player will play in two Games.

Games will be Live Streamed and recorded.

Game Changer will be used for stats and recording.

Required Information for all participants:
Completed Application Form
Payment in advance $125.00
Complete the PDF and email it to

Scholarship Opportunity

Players playing in the spot light games will have an opportunity to apply for 1 of 3 Scholarships only available to the girls participating in the Spot Light Games.

Application can be found on