Player Profiles

It is important that EVERY team submits a one page player profile sheet for their team.  One of the complaints from College Coaches is that they have to sometimes hunt for profiles when teams do not take the time and submit them to the event.

We have a great template in which you just have to fill out the information.

Instructions for filling out online Player Profiles.

  1. Please Log into
  2. Team Home Page
  3.  Make sure you give either the Parents E-mail or Players e-mail in the correct field.   If any of the information is repetitive we will NOT include profiles in the program.   You also need to include all players even the committed ones.  Reason to include the committed ones is so Coaches can see they are committed and move on to their next player.
  4. Add Another Player
  5. Information will be saved after you complete all of your players information.